Carpenter Ant Extermination: Expert Needed

With the capacity to damage large amounts of wood during nest creation, carpenter ants are a real threat to your home.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are usually black but can be brown, reddish or yellowish. Also, workers have large mandibles (appendages by the ant’s mouth) and can be winged or wingless.

Why you shouldn’t spray

Before buying a spray from a hardware store, you may want to read up a bit. Carpenter ants often avoid such sprays, simply moving to a different location in your home. Also, in order to survive, they sometimes separate into more colonies increasing their prevalence. In addition, queen ants can outlive sprays and merely lay more eggs to replace dead ants. In order to ensure extermination, hire a professional.

Hire a professional

Professionals use non-repellent insecticides because ants will not avoid them. Also, professionals know just how to locate a nest. Living in water- damaged or decayed wood, they often move into the structural part of a building.

The Bug Man & Queen Bee has been a staple for carpenter ant extermination for over 20 years. If they don’t handle your pest problems the first time, The Bug Man & Queen Bee guarantees (if done within same calendar year) they will be back, at no additional cost, for those clever pests that rarely get through.

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