When You Need Bee Extermination

There are many different species of bee, some are relatively harmless while others swarm and can even kill animals and people. Bee stings also cause allergic reactions that vary from itching to loss of consciousness.

Keep in mind that bee attacks most often occur when people swat at a bee or come near a nest. Knowing when you need a bee extermination can be crucial to the safety of your home.


To prevent the need for bee extermination in the first place, cover garbage bins securely and do not leave food outside of your home. Also, keep screens and doors shut tightly and fill in any openings in your home’s walls and eaves.

Don’t Worry

It is natural to have a few bees around your home or garden. Having a few bees around does not mean that there is a hive near your home as they often travel in order to find food.

Get Help

Seeing large numbers of bees, or bees near your house are both warning signs. Because bees create colonies in dark deep areas, they often nest in trees but can also create a nest within your exterior walls. Honey bee colonies are permanent and if you see bees on your home or entering a crack in your wall it is time to hire a professional bee exterminator.

Bee Extermination

Because we protect homes from nesting stingers with our unique power spray, The Bug Man & Queen Bee has been a staple for bee extermination  for over 20 years. If this doesn’t handle your pest problems the first time, our guarantee (if done within same calendar year) will bring us back, at no additional cost, for those clever pests that rarely get through.

We specialize in bees, wasps, and hornets, but if it has more than four legs, you can count on our licensed and insured exterminators to handle it with ease and efficiency.

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