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Ladybugs have long been considered symbols of good fortune. In addition, they help control aphids and other pests from destroying plants and crops. The Asian Beetle is very similar in size, shape, color and markings to the Ladybug and also is useful for controlling insects, however, they can become a nuisance if they should find their way into a home.

What are Asian Lady Bugs?

Imported to the Western United States in the early 1900s, the Asian Beetle was first introduced as a way to control the devastating effects of the aphid and insect pest population at the time. Unfortunately, the Asian Beetle grew to become quite a bother to homeowners and proves challenging to eradicate once they’ve managed to establish themselves inside a building’s interior.

Where Do Asian Beetles Come From?

Native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia, the Asian Beetle is a tree and field dweller that preys mostly on aphids and scale insects. In the late 1980s ,the Asian Beetle population grew to cover most of the U.S. and parts of Canada.

Ladybug Versus Beetle

Because Asian Beetles can be easily confused for Ladybugs, how does one know the difference? Here are several ways to distinguish between the friendly Ladybug and those annoying and harmful Asian Beetles:/p>

Ladybugs have:

  • Deep, dark red coloring that is consistently found on all individual bugs
  • A uniform dot pattern
  • A rounded or oval shaped shell

Asian Beetles:

  • Are multicolored
  • Are attracted to light-colored surfaces
  • Emit an unpleasant odor and produce yellowish secretion

Why Are They Such Pests?

Asian Beetles tend to move into buildings and homes as winter approaches. Finding their way into walls through cracks and crevices in the exterior of a building, they generally remain inside the walls but have been known to move into the interior of homes. To prevent the infestation of the Asian Beetle:

  • Find access and seal entry points around doors, windows and cracks
  • Set up specially designed traps

Although Asian Beetles do not damage structures like termites and ants (nor eat through carpet, clothing and furniture or reproduce in the home), once they have invaded a building, they can be very tricky to get rid of. If you don't know what to do to get rid of Asian Beetles in your Milwaukee home, it may be time to call on the experts at Bug Man & Queen Bee, Inc. to help. Since 1988 they have been specializing in protecting homes from pests for guaranteed peace of mind.

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