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How Does Bug Man & Queen Bee Get Rid of Wasps?

It's summertime in Milwaukee and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, it's also when pests like wasps and hornets appear. The threat of being stung and the annoyance of wasps getting into everything turns summertime into a daily battle for property owners. It doesn't have to be though. With the right kind of pest control, a homeowner can reclaim her domain.

Unwelcome Dinner Guests

A lovely evening barbecue can turn unpleasant when the grill is opened to reveal a swarm of wasps building a nest among the slats. Wasps also love to build nests among deck railings and slats where they can't be seen until they're annoyed somehow. By then it's too late.

Preventive Measures Avoid Trouble

Wasps aren't just a nuisance, they're downright dangerous for anyone allergic to their stings. They're more aggressive than bumblebees and can sting multiple times. A potentially large threat lies in little yellow jackets.Yellow jackets aren't just aggressive, they're scavengers, so they're more likely to be around when food is being prepared. They will also chase anything they perceive as a threat for a fair distance. Don't risk it! Have a professional come out and perform proper flying pest control which involves finding and destroying the nests.

Treating Pests Alone is Dangerous

A person might think handling their pest problem is as easy as buying spray from a store. They're mistaken. When invading pests are wasps and yellow jackets, then the probability of the homeowner getting stung is very high. Wasps move fast and attack in large numbers. If they come after a person spraying, it's almost impossible to get them all. The person can even end up getting the spray on themselves.

Do It Once, and Do It Right

Waiting until a wasp or yellow jacket problem has become dangerous is unwise. The experienced pest control experts at The Bug Man and Queen Bee treat a property once and insure that the homeowner is pest free for months. They go after the source of the problem, the nests.

The pest control experts at Bug Man and Queen Bee are familiar with where wasps and yellow jackets build their nests, which includes areas most homeowners don't look, like underground. They find, spray and destroy nests wearing protective clothing when the wasps are least active.

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