Thank you for visiting The Bug Man and Queen Bee’s Project Showcase, where we highlight our expertise in pest control solutions. In this featured project, we address a persistent carpenter ant infestation in a Milwaukee home.

Initial client Inquiry and Inspection

The Milwaukee homeowner contacted us with concerns about carpenter ants invading their home. We were able to promptly schedule an onsite visit where our technician conducted a thorough inspection. We discovered evidence of water damage under the kitchen sink, a common attractant for carpenter ants.

Treatment Approach

To address the infestation, our pest control technicians employed a multifaceted treatment strategy:

  • Gel Bait Application: Targeting the area under the sink where carpenter ants were active, we applied a gel bait designed to be carried back to the nest, ultimately eliminating the entire colony.
  • Interior Treatment: The rest of the house’s interior was treated with a liquid insecticide to prevent the spread of ants.
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatment: We applied a “non-repellent” insecticide around the exterior perimeter, creating a barrier that ants unknowingly traverse and spread to the nest, effectively eradicating the colony.

Recommendations and Follow-Up

In addition to treatment, we advised the client to address the water-damaged wood under the sink to prevent future infestations. We also recommended ongoing treatments to maintain a protective boundary against future pests.


This project exemplifies our commitment to thorough inspections, tailored pest control treatments, and proactive recommendations to address Milwaukee pest control issues effectively. If you’re facing pest problems, trust The Bug Man and Queen Bee, your Best Pest Defense, to deliver comprehensive pest control solutions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience peace of mind.