Are your treatments EPA approved?2020-12-02T15:44:53+00:00

Yes, all treatments that we use are approved by the EPA.

What pests do you treat for?2020-12-02T15:44:39+00:00

While our specialty is stinging insect prevention, we also treat for ants, spiders, boxelders, Asian Lady Beetles, stink bugs, mining bee’s, earwigs, centipedes, pill bugs and millipedes.

Will you replace or repair the damaged wood?2020-12-02T15:44:25+00:00

No, we are not licensed to do construction or carpentry work.

Can I treat Carpenter Ants myself?2020-12-02T15:44:12+00:00

It is not recommended that you try to get rid of Carpenter Ants yourself. It is recommended that you have a professional treat for Carpenter Ants because they mostly excavate softened wood that has been damaged, due to water in most cases, to build their nests in. This will often decrease the structural integrity of the wood thus weakening the structure.

Do you kill honeybee’s?2020-12-02T15:43:43+00:00

We try everything we can to not kill honeybees. We have a couple of beekeepers that we will refer the customer to that will come and try to extract the honeybees. So, please do not try any “over-the-counter” spray on the honeybees.

Will your technicians go on the roof to deal with a nest?2020-12-02T15:43:27+00:00

Our technicians are only allowed to go onto first story roofs if they feel comfortable. Otherwise, we will attempt to treat and remove the nest using a pole.

Will your technician remove the old nest that is inside of the wall?2020-12-02T15:43:11+00:00

We can remove the nest inside of the wall if the homeowner wants us to, but it will be up to the homeowner to have the construction repairs done by another company. We are not licensed to do construction or carpentry work.

I used over-the-counter wasp spray on wasps going into my siding and plugged the hole but it did not work. Can you help me?2020-12-02T15:42:54+00:00

We advise that you do not use wasp spray on nests and do not try to seal the hole and call a Professional. Using wasp spray on a nest and plugging the hole will push the wasps even further into your home and make them more difficult to deal with.

Is my detached garage included in the quote for my house?2020-12-02T15:42:37+00:00

Detached garages are an additional fee because of being a separate structure from the house.

Will you treat all the structures on my property?2020-12-02T15:42:22+00:00

Yes, but there will be an additional fee for each additional structure being treated.

How late do you perform the Stinging Insect Prevention Service?2020-12-02T15:42:05+00:00

We perform these services until Mid-June, subject to weather conditions. After that, the insects have already found places to nest which makes us go into nest remediation services.

Will the rain wash away the Stinging Insect Prevention treatment?2020-12-02T15:41:50+00:00

No, the treatment that we apply for stinging insects is applied to areas that are protected from the elements. That is why stinging insects choose those areas to build their nests.

Will the treatment stain our siding?2020-12-02T15:41:36+00:00

No, the treatment will not stain your siding. It dries clear.

Does your Stinging Insect Prevention guarantee that we will get no nests in our yard?2020-12-02T15:41:16+00:00

Our guarantee is for no nests on the structure only. We cannot guarantee that you will not get any nests in your yard. However, if you have purchased our Stinging Insect Prevention service and get a nest somewhere else on your property, then we will come out and take care of the nest at a discounted rate.

Do you treat decks for Stinging Insects?2020-12-02T15:41:00+00:00

We can only treat decks if we are able to walk underneath the deck.

Will the treatment ruin our windows?2020-12-02T15:40:04+00:00

No, the treatment will not ruin your windows. However, the treatment may dirty the windows. We recommend not washing your windows before the treatment is applied for this reason. After the treatment is applied, we recommend waiting for 10 days before washing the glass part of your window. You also do not want to hose down the exterior where the treatment was applied because you will wash it away.

When should I call for a recall service?2020-12-02T15:39:51+00:00

If you see an active nest on your structure or see wasps coming and going from a specific place on the structure, then give us a call and we will get out there as soon as we can to take care of the issue.

Is the stinging insect preventative treatment guaranteed?2020-12-02T15:38:58+00:00

While we cannot guarantee that stinging insects will not fly around your house, we do guarantee that you will have not stinging insects nesting on your structure for the remainder of the calendar year. If you get a nest after having the preventative treatment, then we will come out and take care of the nest and retreat the area at no additional cost to you.

What prevention services do you offer?2020-12-02T15:38:45+00:00

We offer a prevention service for Stinging Insects Nesting on house, Stink Bug prevention, Box Elder and Lady Asian Beetle prevention, and a General Crawling Insect prevention service.


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