Earwig Pest Control Services in the Milwaukee Area

Quick Facts
Size ¼” to 1”
Color Brownish Black
Body Flat & narrow with forcep-like pincers on the abdomen
Legs 6
Antennae Yes
Wings Some have wings, but they rarely fly
Can They Bite? They can pinch, but rarely do unless heavily provoked


  • Moisture-rich areas
  • Under rocks, logs, and other vegetation
  • Inside they look for areas of moisture such as under sinks and in bathrooms


  • Nocturnal, hiding during the day
  • Seek out warmth, burrowing up to 6 feet underground
  • Feed on plants, aphids, flies, vegetables, and other plant life

Named for the unfounded belief that they crawl into the ears of sleeping humans and bore in the brain, the Earwig is a common household pest that does not exhibit any such behavior.

Earwig Habitat

Earwigs seek out moisture-rich areas to live and feed. They are attracted to the cracks and crevices in the ground and commonly live under rocks, logs, and vegetation. Inside, they can be found under furniture and carpeting as well as in cabinets under the sink as well as other areas such as the bathroom.

Habits and Dangers

The biggest threat Earwigs pose is to plants and flowers and even this is fairly minor. Because they feed on different types of vegetation, Earwigs can create problems for health and vitality but cannot kill or seriously harm plant life. Inside a home, they pose no threat to humans except that most people find them annoying, or even frightening.

What to do if you think you have an Earwig infestation

If you think you have an infestation of Earwigs in your home, give us a call! Our office staff at The Bug Man and Queen Bee can give you an estimate right over the phone and get you on the schedule as soon as possible, sometimes the next day! Our experienced technicians will inspect your Milwaukee-area house and take all measures to eliminate the Earwig infestation. The Bug Man and Queen Bee is a locally owned, family company and we take pride in meeting, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Call or email to learn more about our Earwig pest control services & for your free estimate today!