Millipede Pest Control Company in the Milwaukee Area

Quick Facts
Size ½” to 6 ½”
Color Brownish
Body Elongated & cylindrical, segmented
Legs Common species have between 34 & 400 legs
Antennae Yes
Wings No
Can They Bite? No


  • Under vegetation, rocks, logs, or other moisture-rich areas
  • Live inside or under furniture, boxes, or other areas of moisture


  • Nocturnal; hide during the day
  • Feed on decomposing plant and animal materials

Often referred to as “thousand-leggers”, Millipedes do not actually have 1,000 legs. Millipedes are commonly found outside in moisture-rich areas such as under logs and vegetation or in flower beds. They are not dangerous but can be a nuisance.

Millipede Habitat

Millipedes need moisture to survive so they are attracted to areas that are dark and wet such as under logs and vegetation, in flower beds and gardens, and under outside structures like sheds and dog houses. Adult Millipedes overwinter in the soil. When the outside environment becomes too dry and hot, Millipedes may migrate inside looking for a damp place to live. Basements, crawl spaces, and under cabinets are generally the perfect environment as they are damp and dark. Generally, Millipedes cannot live indoors for more than a couple of days.

Habits and Dangers

Millipedes are not dangerous and do not bite. They feed off of decaying plant and animal matter which makes them beneficial as fertilizers, but in large numbers, they can be damaging to seedlings, sprouting seeds, and other plants living on the ground. Sometimes Millipedes will migrate into homes, but due to the dry conditions and lack of food, they die quickly. If disturbed, Millipedes can emit a defensive liquid that can cause blistering and can be harmful to small animals, but they do not bite and are otherwise not harmful.

What to do if you think you have a Millipede infestation

The best way to deter Millipedes from living in your Milwaukee-area home is to invest in a dehumidifier and get the moisture out of your home. They cannot survive without moisture, so having a dry environment will keep them away.

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