Quick Facts
Size 1” -1 ½” 
Color Grayish-yellow with 3 dark stipes
Body Elongated, flattened, worm-like
Legs Up To 30 – last pair long than their body
Antennae Yes – longer than their body
Wings No
Do They Bite? They Can, But Rarely


  • Inside homes near areas with moisture, such as in bathrooms and crawlspaces


  • Nocturnal
  • Feed on other pests such as spiders, silverfish, and ants
  • Will run very fast toward dark areas if disturbed

Despite its name indicating that it has 100 legs, the common House Centipede only has about 30 legs or 15 pairs. Centipedes are considered to be beneficial as they are great at controlling other pests such as spiders and silverfish. Mostly attracted to areas with moisture, Centipedes are found in dark crawlspaces, bathrooms, or under cement areas outside.

Centipede Habitat

House Centipedes live mainly indoors in areas where there is moisture. They prefer dark spaces such as closets, crawlspaces, cabinets, and bathrooms. Other types of Centipedes that live outdoors will be found under stones, in piles of leaves or decaying wood, or in cracks in the cement.

Habits and Dangers

Generally, Centipedes are considered to be a beneficial insect as they act as very effective pest control, feeding on spiders, silverfish, ants, and other crawling insects. They are primarily nocturnal hunters, so they are not often seen in the daylight. They pose no threat to the structure of a home and, although some species can bite, they rarely will, instead choosing to dart away quickly to the safety of a dark corner. It is their quick movements and creepy appearance that make them more of a nuisance than a true threat.

What To Do If You Need Centipede Pest Control Services?

Because Centipedes do not damage your home and leave very little evidence of their presence, it is hard to know if you have an infestation unless you see them crawling around. They can be beneficial to keep around as they protect your home from other pests.

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