Quick Facts
Size 1”
Color Yellow or black; or both
Body Long, slender with a very thin waist
Legs 6
Antennae Yes
Stinger Yes- but rarely sting


  • Construct side by side tubular nests out of mud that resemble organ pipes
  • Prefer spots protected from the rain
  • Occupy the same nest site year after year


  • Solitary, do not live in colonies
  • Non-aggressive
  • Feed primarily on spiders, but also plant nectar and honeydew
  • Have contributed to at least 3 commercial airplane crashes

Mud Dauber wasps are solitary wasps that are known for constructing nests from mud that resemble organ pipes. They are not social and are generally not aggressive and will not sting unless their nest is directly threatened by a predator. Mud Daubers mostly feed on spiders and the nectar from flowers.

Mud Dauber Habitat

Using their mandibles, female Mud Daubers carry wet mud to create nests consisting of several side-by-side tubes that resemble organ pipes. Each tube holds an egg, and the female will place inside a paralyzed spider as food and seal the tube to keep the egg safe. When the babies are ready, they bore out of the tube, creating a new hole on the side of the tube. Mud Daubers prefer to build these nests in protected spots such as under eaves, in garages, sheds, and attics, or on porch ceilings or window ledges.

Behaviors & Dangers

Mud Dauber wasps are solitary wasps and do not live in colonies as do other species of wasps. This solitary lifestyle makes them much less aggressive than other species and, in fact, will rarely sting. They mainly use their stinger to paralyze spiders for food. Their diet of spiders actually makes them beneficial as pest control.

Mud Daubers will use the same location for generations so, if untreated, these nests can expand to great sizes. Interestingly, Mud Dauber nests have contributed to at least 3 commercial plane crashes by impeding on the component that measures air pressure on a plane, thus causing incorrect reads on airspeed.

What To Do If You’re in Need of Milwaukee-Area Mud Dauber Removal

If you see one of the distinct, organ pipe nests on your structure call The Bug Man and Queen Bee. Our office staff will give you an estimate over the phone and get you scheduled as soon as possible, sometimes the next day! On the day of your appointment, our experts will come to your home, locate, and eliminate the nest. We also guarantee Mud Daubers will not rebuild a nest in that same area. As a locally owned, family business, we take great pride in meeting, and exceeding our Milwaukee-area customers’ expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our Mud Dauber removal services & for your free estimate!