Clover Mite Pest Control in Milwaukee


Quick Facts
Size 1/64”
Color Reddish brown to dark green
Body Smaller than a pinhead
Legs 8 – front pair are longer
Antennae No
Wings No
Do They Bite? No


  • Outdoors on plants and lush, well-fertilized lawns or the siding or brick walls of structures
  • Indoors on windowsills, walls, or windows – sunny areas


  • Feed on clover, plants, and weeds
  • Congregate in the thousands
  • Very short life cycle

Clover Mites are not insects, but mites and are close relatives of spiders and ticks. They feed on plants and other greenery and are associated with well-maintained lawns. They are more a nuisance as they congregated on surfaces in the thousands but do not pose any threat.

Clover Mite Habitat

Building up extremely large populations, Clover Mites will congregate on well-maintained, lush lawns and other thick greenery. They feed on plants such as clover and grassy lawns so they are most active during the summer months when the plants are thriving. Seeking out the warmest and sunniest spots, Clover Mites will also congregate on the sides of buildings in large numbers. They are also attracted to mold or mildew as a food source, so may live on rooftops or patios and can become a nuisance.

Though they prefer to live outside, Clover Mites can make their way inside through cracks around doors and windows if the environment outside is dried up or cut off. During the fall months, Clover Mites seek out warmth and new food sources and will climb into the tiniest gaps to enter a home. Constantly searching for warmth and protection from the elements, the Clover Mites will move upwards, often congregating in attics or on rooftops. It is in these protected areas that they overwinter.

Clover Mite Habits and Threats

The life cycle of a Clover Mite is quite short, so they do not pose the threat of long-term infestation; once inside, they quickly die. They do not destroy furniture, feed on human food items, and are not a danger to human health, however, Clover Mites can be a nuisance when invading homes. Because they congregate in such large quantities, people find them to be annoying. Additionally, when crushed, they can leave a small, red stain on the surface.

What To Do If You’re In Need Of Clover Mite Pest Control Services

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