Quick Facts
Size ½” to 1”
Color Black or dark brown, usually with yellow markings
Body Segmented and smooth
Legs 6 – yellow
Antennae Yes
Stinger Yes – barbed and can be used repeatedly


  • Generally build nests in the ground
  • Paper-like nests made up of chewed cellulose


  • Aggressive and territorial
  • Able to sting multiple times
  • Feed on fruit and sugar during summer

Probably the most recognizable wasp, the Yellowjacket is an aggressive species that is territorial and able to sting more than once. Yellow and black banded abdomens are the signature feature of a Yellowjacket, and they nest mainly in the ground though can be found in many other places inside a structure as well. Yellowjackets are considered to be beneficial as they feed on insects but can be a nuisance as they live in huge colonies and are attracted to the sweet foods that humans eat.

Yellowjacket Habitat

While Yellowjackets prefer to nest in the ground, they are opportunistic and will nest in and around the home in many different places. Common nesting areas are attics, wall voids, under porches or eaves, gutters, and soffits as well as hollow trees and bushes.

The nest of the Yellowjacket is made of a paper-like pulp made up of tiny bits of wood fibers mixed with saliva. Typically, the nest of a Yellowjacket can reach the size of a basketball if left undisturbed. Nests that survive multiple seasons can become much larger and will often have multiple queens.

Yellowjacket Behaviors & Dangers

Yellowjackets are aggressive and will sting multiple times if their nest is threatened. Because they live in such large colonies, they can be dangerous and attack in large groups. They are attracted to the sweet foods that humans consume in the summer, so they are often bothersome.

In addition to the danger of an attack, Yellowjackets that build nests in a wall void can chew their way through drywall and enter the living space if left untreated. This can be alarming to homeowners.

What To Do If You’re in Need of Milwaukee-Area Yellow Jacket Removal?

If you find an active Yellowjacket nest on your home, call The Bug Man and Queen Bee. We will give you a free estimate right over the phone and get you on the schedule as soon as possible, sometimes the next day! Our experienced technicians will locate and kill the nest, removing the threat. If they are able, they will remove the nest from the structure and then treat the area so the Yellowjackets will not return and nest in that area. We are a proud, locally owned, family business and we strive to meet, and exceed our Milwaukee-area customers’ expectations. Contact us today for your free estimate & click to learn more about our Yellow Jacket removal services!