Pill Bug Pest Control in Milwaukee

Quick Facts
Size ¼ “ to ¾”
Color Dark brown to black, or dark to slate gray
Body Oval with 7 individual plates on their back
Legs Yes, 14
Antennae Yes
Wings No
Can They Bite? No


  • Moisture-rich areas such as under vegetation, logs, and rocks
  • Indoors in basements and crawl spaces or other damp places


  • Feed on decomposing vegetation
  • Roll into a ball when alarmed

Pill Bugs are a harmless pest that is often confused with Sowbugs but are distinguishable by their ability to curl into a ball when feeling threatened. Because of this, they are commonly called “roly-pollies”. Other common names are potato bugs and doodlebugs.

Pill Bug Habitat

Like Millipedes, Pill Bugs thrive in moisture-rich environments living under vegetation, logs, rocks and in gardens and flower beds. When the outside environment becomes too dry or food sources become scarce, they can migrate inside. Indoors they are found in damp places such as basements and crawl spaces, but cannot live for long without a food source or moisture.

Pill Bug Habits and Dangers

Pill Bugs do not pose any threat to humans and do not feed on any human food sources. Because they feed on decomposing or decaying plant or animal matter, they are considered to be great fertilizers and can be beneficial to have in a garden or lawn.

What to do if you think you have a Pill Bug infestation

The best way to prevent or deter Pill Bugs from entering your home is to invest in a dehumidifier and remove the moisture from your home. Pill Bugs can only live a couple of days in a dry environment.

If you do have Pill Bugs in your home, give The Bug Man and Queen Bee a call. We will give you an estimate over the phone and schedule a technician to come to your home as soon as possible, sometimes the next day! We are a family-owned, local business that takes pride in meeting and exceeding our Milwaukee-area customers’ expectations. Call or email today to learn more about our Pillbug pest control services & for your free estimate to protect your Milwaukee home!