Column 1
Size 0.75 to 1.25”
Color Brownish with yellow or red markings
Body Elongated with a slimmer waist
Legs 6 – long and lightly colored
Antennae Yes
Stinger Yes


  • Paper-like nests that are like upside-down umbrellas
  • Cells are open and uncovered
  • Nests often hang from protected areas like roof overhangs, trees, eaves


  • Semi-social, small colonies
  • No worker bees
  • Feed on insects such as caterpillars and flies as well as nectar from flowers

With over 22 species in the U.S., Paper Wasps are quite common and are identifiable by their brown and yellow coloring as well as their umbrella-shaped nests. Paper Wasps are semi-social and live in small colonies. They are quite protective of their nests and can become aggressive if they sense danger. They feed on nectar as well as insects such as caterpillars and flies.

Paper Wasp Habitat

Paper Wasps prefer to build their nests in areas protected from the rain such as attics, wall voids, and under eaves. Their nests are distinguishable by the open, exposed design that resembles an upside-down umbrella. Each open cell holds an egg. These nests are built using a water-resistant, paper-like material that is made from fibers from dead wood and plant stems mixed with saliva. Paper Wasp queens build the nests in the fall and overwinter in them, emerging in the spring.

Behaviors & Dangers

While considered to be beneficial as pest control as they like to feed on different insects, Paper Wasps can be a nuisance as they can be quite aggressive. Paper Wasps will sting at any sign of danger and can sting repeatedly. The sting of a Paper Wasp is very painful, so any disturbance to their nest should be avoided.

What To Do If You’re in Need of Milwaukee-Area Paper Wasp Removal Services

If you find an active Paper Wasp on your home, call The Bug Man and Queen Bee. Our friendly office staff will give you a free estimate over the phone and get you on the schedule as soon as possible, sometimes the next day! Our technicians will come to your home, locate, and kill the nest and remove the threat. If they are able, they will remove the nest from the structure and treat the area so the Paper Wasps will not return and nest in that area. As a local and family-owned business, we take great pride in meeting, and exceeding our Milwaukee-area customers’ expectations. Contact us today for your free estimate & to learn more about our Paper Wasp removal services!