At The Bug Man and Queen Bee, we’re dedicated to providing effective pest control solutions for our clients in Milwaukee and beyond. In this featured project, we showcase our approach to this Milwaukee carpenter ant removal and the elimination of a persistent carpenter ant infestation in a local home.

Initial Client Inquiry and Inspection

The client found us on Google and raised concerns about carpenter ants infesting her home, primarily near the chimney. We promptly scheduled an on-site inspection, during which our technician discovered that the ants were entering through a gap near the chimney. Further inspection revealed that the carpenter ant colony was outside, underground, near a rotted wooden fence post.

Ant Control Treatment Approach

To tackle the infestation, our technician employed a comprehensive Milwaukee carpenter ants removal strategy:

Direct Colony Treatment: The technician opened the ant mound near the rotted fence post and treated the colony directly with a potent insecticide, ensuring effective elimination.

Point of Entry Treatment: The technician treated the point where the ants entered the home near the chimney, preventing further intrusion.

Exterior Perimeter Treatment: The home’s exterior perimeter was treated to create a barrier against future infestations.

Milwaukee Carpenter Ant Removal Recommendations and Follow-Up

In addition to the carpenter ant treatment, we advised the client to replace the rotted fence post and continue preventative maintenance to prevent new infestations. Our technician also treated potential entry points where the chimney meets the siding to minimize future occurrences.

Our Commitment to Comprehensive Pest Control

This project exemplifies our commitment to thorough inspections, tailored treatments, and proactive recommendations to tackle Milwaukee’s pest control issues effectively. If you’re facing pest problems, trust The Bug Man and Queen Bee, your Best Pest Defense, to deliver comprehensive Milwaukee carpenter ant removal solutions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience peace of mind.